ISPRS Technical Commission III WG III/2, 10 Joint Workshop
- Multidisciplinary Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring -
March 12-14, 2019 Kyoto, Japan

The workshop was successful, and some images and the statistics are available here.

The program is open at here.

Aim of Workshop

Recently, an increasing frequency of extreme climatic events has been observed. Hence there is concern that the impacts of global environmental change is increasing. It is reported that extreme weather such as strong typhoon, hurricanes, torrential rain, droughts and heat waves are taking places at various places in the world. These extreme weather caused by climate change are affecting to not only natural environment but also human environment.

On the other hand, vegetation is sensitive to climate change. From natural ecosystems to anthropic agricultural areas, vegetation is observable from space. A shift in climate dynamics is reflected in changes in ecosystems' dynamic equilibrium, triggering a direct or indirect response in vegetation. Earth observation via remote sensing provides the ideal tool for Earth monitoring, and hence remote sensing plays a key role in Earth monitoring.

From these backgrounds, we organize a joint workshop entitled 'Multidisciplinary Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring' with International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) WG III/1 and 10 in Kyoto, Japan from March 12-14, 2019.

The two working groups (WGs) focus on the fundamental researches and applications of remote sensing in the fields of

We are pleased to take this opportunity that those who are related to remote sensing for environmental monitoring will join and discuss the current issues and future directions. Welcome your contributions and participation.

This workshop is organized by ISPRS Commission III, WG III/2, III/10, and supported by Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (JSPRS) and Kansai Branch of JSPRS (Japanese only).

Date & Venue

Workshop Topics and Themes

The themes include but are not limited to:

Paper Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers dealing with original and unpublished research on themes related to the workshop. Submitted papers will be refereed for quality, originality and relevance by the Scientific Committee.

  1. Accepted papers will be published in one of two categories
  2. Process
  3. All abstracts should be written in English comprising 250-500 words and containing sufficient details for evaluation (including the approach, results, concepts, reasons why it should be considered and why it would be interesting for the audience).
  4. No information about the authors are included in the abstract or full papers for the review.
  5. All papers should be formatted as per ISPRS author’s guidelines that can be accessed at
  6. The PDF file of abstract or full paper for the review should be sent to[at] by e-mail.

Paper Submission after Review

We have already informed the authors who submitted their manuscript the review results. The authors whose papers were accepted are requested to submit camera-ready papers.

Authors MUST send the PDF file of the camera-ready full papers to by e-mail by Jan. 10, 2019. If specific comments about your manuscript were received from the reviewers provided in the email sent to the author if available, please consider such comments when updating your final paper.

All papers should be formatted as per ISPRS author’s guidelines that can be accessed at


At least one of the authors MUST register by Jan. 10, 2019, attend and present the paper at the workshop in order for it to be included in the conference proceedings. One regular registration may cover only up to two papers; one student registration may cover ONLY one paper.

If none of the authors are able to attend and present the paper, they should reply to this e-mail as soon as possible to request withdrawal from the technical program. To optimize the symposium program, information about all cancellations must be provided as soon as possible. Note that presentation at the conference by recorded videos will not be accepted and considered as a no show.

Important Dates

Paper for Archives Paper for Annals
Submission of abstract (Archives)
or full paper (Annals)
Sep. 30 Oct 31, 2018 Sep. 30 Oct 31, 2018
Notification of acceptance Nov. 15 Dec 15, 2018 Nov. 15 Dec 15, 2018
Submission of camera ready papers Dec. 15 Jan. 10, 2019 Dec. 15 Jan. 10, 2019


How to Register

Please send an e-mail, in which the following information are filled.

Registration Fee

Advance rate
by Oct. 31, 2018
Regular rate
after Oct. 31, 2018
Participants 25,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
Full time students & seniors 15,000 JPY 20,000 JPY
Accompanying persons 15,000 JPY 20,000 JPY

How to Transfer Registration Fee

We ask the participants to transfer by PayPal or bank. When you send an e-mail to for registration, we'll inform the details.



Scientific Committee

Name Affiliation
Chair Mitsunori Yoshimura (Chair, III/10) The University of Tokyo, Japan
Co-chair Junichi Susaki (Co-chair, III/2) Kyoto Univeristy, Japan
Member Batuhan Osmanoglu (Chair, III/2) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
Zhenhong Li (Co-chair, III/2) Newcastle University, UK
Saygin Abdikan (Secretary, III/2) Bulent Ecevit University, Turkey
Shibendu Shankar Ray (Co-chair, III/10) Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, Pusa Campus, India
Francesco Pirotti (Co-chair, III/10) University of Padova, Italy
Jaime Hernández Palma (Secretary, III/10) Universidad de Chile, Chile

Organizing Committee

Name Affiliation
Chair Mitsunori Yoshimura (Chair, III/10) The University of Tokyo, Japan
Co-chair Junichi Susaki (Co-chair, III/2) Kyoto Univeristy, Japan
Member Kiichiro Kumagai Setsunan University, Japan
Megumi Yamashita Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
Masayoshi Matsumoto Pasco Corporation, Japan
Yasuteru Imai Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan
Makoto Ohashi Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd., Japan


The organizing committee strongly recommends to book hotel at accessible area of 'Gion-Shijo' or 'Sanjo' Keihan railway stations as early as possible because most of hotels rooms in Kyoto are occupied by tourists as usual. We are planning to guide participants who are staying at surrounding area of both railway stations to workshop venue.

Contact Information

Dr. Junichi Susaki
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
C1-1-206, Kyotodaigaku-katsura, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto, 615-8540, JAPAN

[JSPRS (Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)] [Kansai branch of JSPRS (Japanese only)]